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Unit 1 Linear Functions

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Matching Parent Functions 
Video of How to Transform Functions
1.1 Parent Functions & Transformations
HW: 1.1 pg. 8 (3-6, 10-15, 21, 26-28, 35-39, 44)
Function Notation Review Video
Transforming Parent Functions: Desmos Example
1.2 Transformations of Linear and Absolute Value Functions: Vertical/Horizontal Shifts & Reflections
Desmos Example: Abs. Val. Vertical Transformation
Desmos Example: Abs. Val. Horizontal Transformation
Tutorial: Reflect functions over the x & y axis
 Transformations of Linear & Absolute Functions: Vertical Streth and Shrink 
YouTube: Video on Vert. Stretch & Shrink  Note: We will not cover horizontal shrink or stretch...yet.
HW: 1.2 pg 16 (3-6, 10-18, 23-25, 27, 28, 30-33)
Quiz 1.1-1.2 
Writing Equations of Linear Equations-Alg 1 Review (Cheat Sheet)-->
HW: Writing Equations of Linear Equations WS
1.3 Modeling with Linear Functions 
Line of Best Fit Interactive Model
How to find an Approximate Line of Best Fit by hand
How to Calculate the Line of Best Fit using your calculator
HW: 1.3 pg 26 (#4-8 even, 9-23 odd)
Solving Systems Review:
Solve by Graphing
Solve by Substitution
Solve by Elimination
Special Cases (No Soln & Infinitely Many Solns)
1.4 Solving Linear Systems
YouTube example: Solving a System with 3 Variables using Elimination
HW: Systems with 3 Variables WS
Chapter 1 Test Review 
Chapter 1 Test Rev Answer Key
Report your Chapter 1 test scores here!
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