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Let's Have a great  School year, Broncs!

Per 1 -Algebra 1

Per 2 -Standards

Per 3 -Algebra 1

      Freshman Lunch

Per 4 -Algebra 1

Per 5 -Planning

Per 6 -Planning

Per 7 -Algebra 1

Welcome to my online classroom. Here you will find your class syllabus, links to my lessons, practice assignments, answer keys, and links to additional resources. Mrs. Parish is available most days during lunch, so feel free to come see me! If you are interested in additional help from a math teacher check out the After School ProgramStudents and parents, please feel free to contact me with any questions, comments, or concerns! 


→ Click on "Easy Access Materials"
→ Click on "Free Easy Access Home Ed."
→ Click on "Common Core High School" 

     from the drop-down options

→ Choose your Textbook

(307) 672-2495 ext 3211
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