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 Your grade will be based on tests, quizzes, and homework.  Your grade will be figured as 10% homework, 70% tests/quizzes, and 20% for the final exam.  When an assignment is given it is usually due the following day.  The assignment is expected to be COMPLETED showing ALL work.  You would receive up to 5 points for that assignment.  If the assignment is turned in late, the highest grade you would receive would be 4 points.  All assignments for the chapter are due when the chapter test is given.  Assignments turned in after the test will receive a 0 grade. If you do poorly on an assignment, you can do corrections for full credit. There will be NO RETESTS and all problems missed on a test have to be corrected and turned in for a homework grade.  This means that if you only miss 1 question, 5 questions, up to all questions, you have to do corrections and turn them in by the deadline or a missing grades will be put over your test score (which equates to a 0) until the test corrections are completed and turned in.  You will have a limited time in class for the corrections.  If you need more time, then you will have to come in before or after school, Friday early out, etc. to finish corrections.  At the end of the semester, if your grade is on the border, I will determine your grade based on class participation, behavior, attitude and effort!  I offer little extra credit; do not expect a large extra credit assignment the week before grades come out.  I REALLY want you to SUCCEED! If you need extra help, please come and see me ASAP. 


OFFICE HOURS:    7:50 am – 8:20 am & 3:35 pm – 4:00 pm & by appointment.




1st & 2nd Quarter (1st Semester)     90%

Final Exam (Semester Test)                 10%




90 – 100%                     A

80 – 89%                       B

70 – 79%                       C

60 -  69%                       D

Below 60%                    F


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