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Algebra 1 is a year-long class covering such concepts as 1.)  solving equations, 2.)  graphing linear equations and 3.)  solving systems of equations.  Completion of Algebra I with a grade of a C or better will allow the student to take Geometry the following year.

Algebra 1 LAB is designed to provide support and extra practice for the regular Algebra 1 curriculum. Scheduled back to back with Algebra I, students in this course will meet for two consecutive periods so that by the end of this course students will have completed a year of Algebra 1 as well as developed readiness skills necessary for success in future mathematics courses. Completion of this course prepares a student for further work in mathematics, usually in Geometry. The extra time will allow students to read, write, and discuss solutions with other students
and apply the math to life outside of school.

Geometry is a one-year course which includes work with logical, organized reasoning and deductive proofs as they apply to geometric figures. Algebraic skills as applied to geometric concepts are incorporated. Geometry is a great aid for students who might be interested in a career in any science field.


Algebra 2 is a year-long class and is a continuation of Algebra I with an emphasis on advanced math topics including quadratics, complex numbers, exponential functions, logarithms, sequences/series and an introduction to trigonometry.  Algebra II is essential in mathematics, science, engineering, statistics, computer programming, electronics and other related fields.  Algebra II is required for college bound curriculum and necessary to create a preparedness for the A.C.T. exam.

Daily Expectations:

   * Choose a GREAT attitude! Respect everyone in the classroom!

   * Check for instructions as you enter the room.

   * Come to class on-time, prepared and ready to work from bell to bell.

   * Not allowed: cell phones, headphones, drinks, and food. Only water because water is GREAT for you!

   * Work with your team and ask questions!


   * Three-ring binder

   * Pencils

   * Lined Paper Notebook (for math only)

   * Graph paper   


Grade Categories and Weight on Total Grade:

     Formative (Practice & Quizzes): 15%

     Summative (Tests): 85%

PRACTICE POLICY (homework club):

On Monday’s, you will receive a slip of paper with two or more missing assignments and parents will be contacted. 

You have until Wednesday at the beginning of class to complete the missing assignments (come in for help!!!)

If you do not complete the assignments to Mrs. Valentine’s expectations, you must stay Wednesday after school.

If you do not show up Wednesday after school, a Behavior Referral will be made to the office. 



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